LKS Foundation

Founder Junior

A necessary evolution

2021-08-23 04:34:04

LKSCOIN was created to give digital content producers a tool to certify the intellectual property of their work and, at the same time, be able to monetize

With the aim of creating a technically optimal payment token dedicated both for social networks and User Generated Content sharing platforms and as a central element of any type of decentralized dApp, the LKSCOIN development team has chosen to use not one but well of two blockchains: Dash and Ethereum.
In particular, the choice to rely on the Dash algorithm is attributable to its ability to manage a large number of transactions and, thanks to the double architecture with Masternodes, users can actively participate in network protection in exchange for an established fee.
LKSCOIN, in addition to having chosen the Dash blockchain (considering its characteristics of strong solidity and reliability), has in fact decided to also integrate the Ethereum blockchain to allow it to be used also by the vast user base of the latter and be integrated with internal products and services including smart contracts, decentralized DApp applications and decentralized DEX exchanges.