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Anti scammers guide

2020-04-05 13:30:39

How to defend yourself from fake profiles on Telegram


A SCAMMER is a shady character who passes himself off as an admin to try to cheat you, unfortunately they are very frequent in this type of activity, especially when they have international visibility, such as our IEO.

They are presented with the same names as the admin (in our case the most popular is Denis) but checking well, the username is always different. 

Therefore, first rule:

If you need assistance, contact us by clicking on the profile photo, under the name, at the top right there is the chat icon, from there you can send a message with questions or comments. we are here for this, no shyness to contact us, but you have to do it first.

Second rule:
CHECK USERNAME. There cannot be two accounts with the same username. They can copy the photo, the public name, but not the username. To check the username, always clicking on the photo, under the "Info" item, there is a name that begins with @ ..... if it is different from those listed below, it is a scammer, block it and report it .

Below the list of "accredited" admin and founders:

@ Freedonia85

Checking the username, pay attention to uppercase \ lowercase, and 1 \ I and things like that. Be careful also that many scammers put the Bio instead of the username

Here an explanatory screenshot: