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Cam.TV's Security Token: a new crypto milestone

2021-04-30 12:54:04

The recent news on Cam.TV's STO marked an important step in the blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape. Here's all about it!

In March, during a live broadcast, our partner Cam.TV made an important announcement: the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) approved the prospectus presented for its Security Tokens. 
The approval, obtained in Vienna on 18 March 2021, was officially notified by the Italian CONSOB on its official website on 26 March 2021, making Cam.TV the first platform to make a public offering in the Austrian, Italian, German, French and Spanish markets as a multinational STO based on the issuance of participation rights in a tokenized form.

Cam.TV, a Social Company based on the LKSCOIN blockchain

The LKSCOIN cryptocurrency has always been an integral part of the Cam.TV platform by offering all its users the opportunity to monetize their shared digital content and information products. In fact, content creators and authors, simply called Creators, can earn LSKCOIN on Cam.TV by receiving “Likes'' and donations on what they publish. They can also sell their info products (courses, consultancy services, etc.) in a very easy and fast way. 

LKSCOIN is a cryptocurrency developed specifically for creators of digital content: it makes microtransactions  - which are perfect for online donations and micropayments - instant, secure and traceable. Therefore this cryptocurrency plays a key role in powering the circular economy of the Social Company of Cam.TV which supports a constantly growing peer to peer flow of knowledge, content and wealth within its technological platform.

The Cam.TV Security Token

Being a Social Company, Cam.TV is preparing to launch its Security Token Offering (STO) i.e. a campaign to issue its own tokenized securities with a pre-established nominal value. You can find a description of the STO in the related capital market prospectus which was prepared and published on the website for all private investors. This document was approved by the Austrian Financial Authority which ensured its compliance with European regulations. 
In short, the offering concerns securities which represent participation rights based on revenues derived from the Cam.TV Platform. And these rights are tokenized, i.e. linked to the possession of the respective Token, the CAM Security Token.
The STO will have a limited duration: it will start on 2 June 2021 and it will end on 31 December 2021. 
For more information on the public offering, refer to the documents available on the page:

The objective of the STO of Cam.TV

The objective of the campaign is to gather new resources to implement the LKSCOIN blockchain in the last challenging step of the project, which is the integration of the NFT (Non Fungible Token) technology into the Cam.TV platform.

The project, in fact, aims at empowering users to transform any content published on the platform into a copyrighted work, thus generating successful results to joint efforts of Cam.TV and the LKS Foundation to create a safer, more authentic and more valuable internet for everyone.  

A digital revolution based on the blockchain

Non Fungible Tokens can be used to protect digital property rights thanks to blockchain technology: the metadata in relation to the ownership of an asset can be stored and validated within the blockchain. In this way the traceability of the asset’s origin is ensured, so that it is always possible to track down the real author. 

The assets in question can have the form of both physical and digital assets, for example, an original work of art, an ebook, a patent, a course, etc. As tokens, they can be bought, sold and traded within the blockchain in a decentralized, transparent and secure way, but their Non-Fungible nature protects users from theft and fraud as they cannot be transferred without the permission of the respective owner.

This system can give new impetus and new efficiency to markets such the art market, the real estate market, the collecting market and many others where the scarcity of the asset determines its value. But, above all, this system would safeguard the work and ideas of all online content creators, ensuring copyright protection.

Towards a new paradigm

The integration of NFT in Cam.TV represents a fundamental step for the digital revolution started with the implementation of LKSCOIN in Cam.TV, where users have been able to receive support and remunerations for their creative activities for their digital content already for a couple of years. 

These next steps will build the web of tomorrow and will revolutionize the way we live and work online opening the doors to new ways to create wealth and value.

For more details about this ambitious project, visit the official website: