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LKS Foundation: They talk about us

2020-06-05 15:34:09

The LKSCOIN campaign continues to grow and receive international recognition by the specialized press.

LKSCOIN is going global thanks to the great interest aroused by the initiative launched by our Foundation.

Several newspapers specialized in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies have written about the issue of protecting digital copyright, seeing in the LKS Foundation's project a valid solution.

In particular, the online newspaper CryptoCoin.News, one of the primary sources of reference for news and trends on cryptocurrencies, projects and technologies in the blockchain world, has recently dedicated an in-depth analysis on LKSCOIN. 

Digital content creation and consumption are constantly increasing, but, at the same time, creators completely lack control over what they bring into existence on the web. In order to tackle this issue, we need to change the status quo. The use of LKSCOIN as a tool to create a non-fungible token (NFT) that allows to extend the advantages related to the use of the blockchain to digital content represents an innovative and functional solution for content tracking and for copyright protection.

Would you like to read the original full article on CryptoCoin.News? Click on the link below:

>> How Blockchain Technology Is Changing The Way We Produce Digital Content

Also Block Feed, a specialized newspaper dedicated to cryptocurrencies, finance, information security and technology, mentioned the project of the LKS Foundation. They presented the LKSCOIN cryptocurrency as the tool that will revolutionize the social network sector and that will allow content creators to be the main beneficiaries of this change.

The full article on Null TX is available at this link:

>> LKS Foundation Gives Content Creators A New Tool To Protect Their Digital Content

Taking part in the social network revolution is possible by participating in the ongoing LKSCOIN token sale before its launch on the market. Just go to the crowdfunding platform Eidoo Crowd and buy LKSCOIN at the fixed price of 0.01 Euro by 30 June 2020 (after this date the value will be subject to market changes)