LKSCOIN and a solution to copyright problems

2020-04-08 12:57:44

Paying someone for their creativity and innovation and at the same time protecting their work has never been easier

Innovation is all about entrepreneurship. The economic growth argument appears to be in line with empirical observation. After all, it is the introduction of and change caused by valuable innovations that make us better off and raise our standard of living. But as is so often the case, observations in economics tend to lead to problematic if not false conclusions. The market is a trial-and-error process under uncertainty, in which entrepreneurs and businesses compete by offering goods and services anticipated to satisfy consumers at a future point in time better than the offerings of others. Then, obviously, innovations are important.

But it is not the number of innovations attempted that matters. There is also scarcity, meaning that a market process that generates a huge number of innovations may in effect produce less value than a process that generates only a few. Quality is more important than quantity, just like aiming the one arrow will produce a better result than shooting a great number of arrows in random directions. Although entrepreneurs hardly have a visible target to aim for, their “division of intellectual labor” places boundaries on what attempts are made. Innovations are uncertain, but not undirected or random.

The compensation argument makes the same mistake but clarifies the error. The issue in the market is not about compensation for investment or effort made, but the creation of value for consumers. We are not, and should not be, compensated for the time and effort we put into something, but for our contribution to value. The reason we get paid at our jobs is not that we get up in the morning and spend our days doing tedious tasks and following management’s orders, but because the entrepreneurs, along with their “junior partners” (management), are betting that this type of production will be valuable to consumers and thus generate revenue that more than covers cost.

As Mises puts it, “The only source from which an entrepreneur’s profits stem is his ability to anticipate better than other people the future demand of the consumers”. The entrepreneurial problem, therefore, is one about better figuring out how to serve consumers. Innovation is undoubtedly a means toward that end, but whether an innovation is profitable depends not on the innovation being new or even costing a lot of money to carry out, but on whether it is correctly positioned with respect to:

1) consumers’ (future) wants 

2) other entrepreneurs’ (future) offerings. 

Both aspects are necessary for the market process to progress and thereby improve our standard of living.

The real solution lies in allowing entrepreneurs to be entrepreneurs, and thus, through their imaginative speculative efforts, to figure out how to beat each other in offering goods with value to consumers and be the “driving force” of the economy.

LKSCOIN stands as a reference point in this sector with its innovative ideas and ready to bring efficiency to the world of blockchain technologies and beyond. If before the copyright world was smoky and disagreed, between those who wanted stringent regulation against those who wanted freedom due to the ethereal state of ideas, LKSCOIN agreed with these two positions. Paying someone for their creativity and innovation and at the same time protecting their work has never been easier.

To pursue these objectives, LKSCOIN was created, a cryptocurrency structured to have a significant impact on the Internet as it offers the possibility to track and remunerate, through payments and donations, content creators within social networks, which are the present and the future of the Internet itself. Not only that, but LKSCOIN can be implemented in many social networks. The revolution in the world of copyright is already here.

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Be careful though that the Eidoo bonus decreases over time! 

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