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LKSCOIN and the copyright

2020-04-15 13:43:08

What is the most appreciated feature of LKSCOIN?

LKSCOIN is an intriguing project for what regards the copyrights' world. LKSCOIN solves the long-standing problems regarding rights and remuneration. 

For example, it will be no longer needed the scrutiny of alleged experts on the work’s authenticity. Your own work is shown directly on the market and financed by who wants to fund it though “likes”, which represent appreciation but also economic value. With transaction with very low fees.

Other social platforms can integrate LKS into their system and allow/encourage people to generate micro-payments with low fees. Needless to say that social media represents a staple in people everyday life and something like LKSCOIN could really make a difference.

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For any questions about the project, the Eidoo wallet and the token sale procedures, the 📢Telegram:
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