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LKSCOIN has only now begun to change the future

2020-07-07 13:48:41

After the token ended, the path continues

If we were to find a reference measure regarding the mass adoption of blockchain technologies, surely it will be the jobs created in this sector. And based on the latest numbers available, the demand for specialists in this environment is growing. All this despite the crisis in which we are living. It is not an exaggeration, but it could even become an anti-cyclical sector, that is, resilient during market downturns. There are few similar examples in the rest of the industrial world, because they represent the last hope for investors and financiers when the good times tend to end. In this context, it is vitally important to identify sectors with these characteristics in advance in order to position oneself on time and safeguard one’s capital.

The trend of mass adoption of blockchain technologies, therefore, continues rapidly, demonstrating to the world that this sector is an active breeding ground of interesting ideas with high potential. It is no coincidence, therefore, that LKSCOIN was born precisely from the aforementioned forge, a project aimed at growing rapidly and transforming itself into a more complex and obviously more profitable proposition. The success of the crowfunding campaign testifies to the trust given by the financiers to the ideas that have given rise to one of the most intriguing tokens in recent years.

LKSCOIN, in fact, enters the niche of copyright and social media to add an extra point of value that has so far been dispersed in the various streams of inefficiency. Remember, at birth a certain sector, despite the innovation made, is highly inefficient and consumes a lot of energy. It is the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals that allows them to improve over time. In our case, the advent of LKSCOIN and its roadmap. Another example is cloud storage, where there are other coins that have attempted to improve this sector. Storj is a coin whose aim was exactly that, or Steem whose job was to improve and decentralize the social media offer.

These and other coins continue to innovate, with their development team, the environments that have set themselves the goal of improving, consequently seeking to reduce inefficiencies and decrease energy consumption. Needless to say, their success has been rewarded by users through a phenomenal phase of growth and now affirming themselves as a reference point. LKSCOIN intends to retrace this path but in its sphere of action, the protection of copyright and the remuneration of digital or physical works.

The starting point was good and the way out will allow LKSCOIN to take advantage of a growth path similar to that of several other coins that have now become an institution in the blockchain world.

Fasten your seat belts, then, because the real show has yet to begin.