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LKSCOIN IEO extension

2020-05-18 15:53:55

Important update: The duration of the campaign has been extended.

Following a survey conducted on the LKSCOIN IEO campaign, the LKS Foundation has decided to extend its duration by another 30 days.


The Campaign

The crowdfunding campaign for the launch on the market of the LKSCOIN cryptography, the currency that has been used  continuously for more than a year within the Cam.TV platform, began on 30 March.

The fundraising was organized on Eidoo Crowd, the Swiss crowdfunding platform dedicated to the launch of new cryptocurrencies that makes it possible for users to participate in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).

The next steps

After numerous users requested an additional period of time, the LKS Foundation has decided to extend the duration of the IEO by another month, so that it is going to end on 30 June 2020.

Also because of the particular situation we are experiencing in this period, from which the initiative could not benefit, the Foundation wants to listen to the will of users to extend the possibility of participating in the IEO by getting all benefits that derive from it.

The LKS Foundation also intends to further expand the campaign's range of action, involving the international audience more thanks to new marketing campaigns aimed at a foreign audience.

What's new: the new Bonus plans

From May 18, we introduced new Bonus plans which will benefit both those who purchase LKSCOIN and those who promote the initiative.

  • Bonus for those who buy

The purchase amount in Euro will determine the percentage of Bonus obtainable according to the structure of the levels indicated in the following table:

For example: If you buy 26,000 Euros of LKSCOIN, you will immediately receive 10% of Bonus on Eidoo Crowd, an additional 5% Bonus will be added for those registered with Cam.TV and it will be obtainable by clicking on the Banner present in the home.

  • Bonus for those who promote

There is something new for those who want to sponsor the purchase of LKSCOIN by participating in the treasure hunt.

Those who share their Eidoo Crowd Referral Link on Cam.TV with another user and invite them to purchase, can get an extra 5% Bonus (in addition to the one linked to the Banner).

Thanks to the treasure hunt, the percentages of the Bonus linked to the Referral increase: the more users buy on Eidoo Crowd through a particular Referral Link, the more Bonuses will be sent to the promoter, as shown the table below:

But here's the news: whoever invites another user to purchase LKSCOIN with an amount greater than 25,000 Euros through their Eidoo Crowd Referral Link, will directly obtain the maximum bonus, i.e. 11%:

5% default bonus for those who use the Referral Link to invite other users


6% Treasure Hunt Bonus (initially reserved only for those who reached 10 contacts who purchased LKSCOIN through the Referral Link)

All users who intend to participate in the campaign with amounts greater than 10,000 Euros will be able to count on targeted assistance during the necessary KYC practices.

If you have questions or need clarifications, please reach the community in the official chat on Telegram: