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The fight against web fake news thanks to NFTs

2021-08-29 07:44:07

The credibility of the information circulating online has been severely undermined by the constant hoaxes and misleading news that are shared out of contro

On the other hand, users do not have adequate tools to deal with fake news other than their own critical thinking and the individual desire to explore topics that often, unfortunately, not everyone can master due to their complexity.
The application of the LKSCOIN Non Fungible Token to protect digital content, however, would open the doors to an increasingly responsible information market.
Due to their ability to trace the author of the information, NFTs would force those who have an interest in manipulating information to take responsibility for what they share online.
Hence, the disincentive to lie: thanks to the use of the blockchain, every hoax can be traced and denied, tracing back to who distorted the information.
But not only. This process of indissolubly linking author and content would represent a valid incentive, however, for all categories of the information market, such as journalists, first of all, and bloggers who publish news from other sources.
These subjects, in fact, would be increasingly encouraged to rely on news that is filed through an NFT because this will give its author the weight of responsibility for the reliability of the information itself.