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2021-08-30 10:43:23

LKSCOIN: what is it and how does it work?

The LKSCOIN cryptocurrency, used with stability within the Cam.TV platform for almost 3 years, is the currency that its more than 450,000 users use daily to make and receive donations on published content, with a mechanism similar to that of "Like" typical of social networks, but it is also used to purchase the info-products (courses, consultancy, information material, videos, etc.) offered for sale within it.
A tool, therefore, that actively supports the monetization of content posted by people on the web. Thanks to its technical characteristics that make it particularly suitable for integration within social platforms, LKSCOIN wants to represent a concrete incentive for the creation of digital content, thanks to a secure, traceable and decentralized remuneration system within the token economy.
The elements that characterize the LKSCOIN are derived from the initial study and analysis of the Dash blockchain, known for its peculiarities of speed, security and transparency of transactions as well as for the possibility of creating Masternodes. It is from this that the LKSChain (on which the x11 token LKSCOIN travels) and the related LKSCOIN Core, the main crypto wallet, originated.
Masternodes allow users to take an active part in the LKSCOIN project:
Strengthening the security and stability of the network
Facilitating the validation of transactions by lowering the timing to just over a few seconds, like a credit card