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The purpose behind the LKS Foundation: a Blockchain-inspired

2021-08-24 06:35:31

The Foundation and his Mission

LKS Foundation is an Italian non-profit foundation that aims to promote and spread the culture of blockchain and the promotion of initiatives that use the principle of sharing information using blockchain technologies and spreading the culture of fintech to innovate sectors such as crowdfunding , ICO and distributed ledger technologies.
All LKSCOIN members have years of experience in different sectors. Their knowledge has been applied in the development of the organization and the blockchain-based solution they are offering to content creators
The first project of the LKS Foundation aims to ensure the development of a cryptocurrency designed to have a significant impact on the web that offers the possibility of tracking and remunerating, through payments and donations, content creators within social networks. LKSCOIN is already and will enhance its mission of being a means of payment for content creators and able to protect the copyright of the latter.
In today's world, digital content represents a $ 153 billion market that will continue to grow for years to come. Unfortunately, like many other industries, it has its flaws. The main problem regarding digital content is the guarantee of traceability of the origin of the content, assuring authors of their rights over the content they produce. The LKS Foundation has analyzed the sector and studied this specific problem, developing a blockchain-based solution capable of overcoming the difficulties that social networks represent for copyright holders.