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2020-05-02 10:10:28

More and more users are using LKSCOIN: this helps us to meet people with desires like ours

Many people already use and know LKSCOIN, but this family of users will grow, conquering new social networks and increasing the possibility to gather people with our same passions and desires.

The strength of this cryptocurrency also lies in having already been tested for more than a year within Cam.TV, demonstrating its full potential.

Here, in fact, LKSCOIN combines the concept of relationship with the economic enhancement of the contents published within it.

Its implementation thus ensures moral but also economic support for all authors and creators who use the platform

To find out more about how LKSCOIN works within Cam.TV:

>> LKSCOIN and Cam.TV: the first successful use case

Contribute to the project by joining the LKSCOIN Initial Exchange Offering!